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Sexy Salads
This listing will get you started but you have to come in to see what new and exciting salads we're tossing daily.
Our salads change with the produce season, so stop by year 'round for something new and exciting on every visit.

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Sexy Earth Angel Salad
Vegetarian | Our most popular salad!
This features a very sexy blend of mixed field greens, sesame glazed walnuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries, granola and is
finished with a light Zinfandel vinaigrette.
Regular - $9.95 | Small - $6.95

Sexy Tossed Salad $6.95 each
Tomatoes, pepperoncini, olives and cucumbers all served over a bed of Sexy Salad.

Sexy Asian Chicken Salad $9.95 each
A grilled teriyaki sesame chicken breast over mixed field greens along with sesame glazed walnuts, broccoli, water chestnuts, baby corn,
sliced almonds and chow mein noodles. We chop all of these wonderful ingredients with our special Asian sesame ginger dressing.

Sexy Chicken Caesar Salad
We use only the heart of crisp Romaine for an awesome crunch - you'll taste the freshness with every bite.
We make this classic as Caesar Cardini did in Tijuana, Mexico in 1924 with the addition of our own grilled chicken.
Regular - $9.95 | Small - $6.95

Sexy Chef's Salad $9.95 each
Tossed romaine and mixed field greens with oven roasted turkey, ham, Swiss and American cheese and a hard cooked egg.

Sexy Greek Salad
Kalamata olives, stuffed grape leaves, red cherry tomatoes, green peppers, pepperoncini, feta cheese and cucumbers with mixed
field greens in a creamy Greek dressing.
Regular - $9.95 | Small - $6.95

Sexy Mini Side Salad $3.50 each
Made with Sexy mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and pepperoncini. Your choice of Sexy Dressing.

Sexy Spinach Salad $8.95 each
Flat leaf spinach, bacon, mushrooms, red onion and hard cooked egg makes this traditional spinach salad.

Sexy Santa Fe Salad
Made with grilled Southwestern chicken, black beans and corn. This salad is wonderful finished with a chipotle ranch dressing and tortilla chips.
Regular - $9.95 | Small - $6.95

Sexy Buffalo Chicken Salad $9.95 each
A breaded spicy buffalo chicken breast over a Sexy Salad with carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and blue cheese.

Sexy Antipasto Salad $10.95 each
A mix of Italian favorites such as pepperoni, salami, provolone, ham, roasted peppers and artichoke hearts over a Sexy Salad.

Sexy Salad Platters
All of our Sexy Salad platters are served with a hard cooked egg, olives, a cute pepperoncini and oyster crackers over a bed of luscious Sexy Salad.
Chicken Salad Platter - $9.95 | Tuna Salad Platter - $9.95

Build Your Own Salad $9.95 each
Includes choice of 6 toppings! Dressing can be mixed in or on the side. Salad can also be chopped or not chopped.

Choose Your Lettuce: Mixed Greens, Romaine Base or Spinach Base.

No Charge Toppings: Asian Noodles, Croutons or Tortilla Strips.

Choose Your Toppings: Artichoke Hearts, Avocado ($2.00 Extra), Bacon Bits, Beets, Black Beans, Black Olives, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Broccoli, Celery, Carrots, Cheddar/Jack Mix, Chick Peas, Cooked Broccoli Corn, Cucumbers, Dry Cranberries, Feta Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg, Mandarin Oranges, Glazed Walnuts, Goat Cheese, Grape Leaves, Green Olives, Parmesan Cheese, Pepperoncini, Red Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Sliced Almonds, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes, Wasabi Peas.

Protein Additions; Grilled Chicken ($2.50), Cajun Chicken ($2.50), Tuna Salad ($2.50), Breaded Chicken ($2.50), Shrimp ($2.50) or Chicken Salad ($2.50).

Dressings & Fat Free Dressings: Asian Sesame Ginger, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lite Ranch, Honey Dijon, Thousand Island, Creamy Italian, Chipotle Ranch, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Greek, Creamy Caesar, Dijon Horseradish, Low Fat Zinfandel, FF Balsamic Vinaigrette, FF Honey Dijon, FF Italian, FF Raspberry Vinaigrette, Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar.
Extra Container of Dressing On The Side - $.50